Sharing Opportunites

Sharing Opportunties

The ScoutingTrain arrives to Irkutsk in less than one hour. We are on the train already for 26 hours after we left the last destination. It feels like we already know the system how to get into the train without a big chaos: each traveler recieved a number of his or her own seat in the train. In compartments of 6 we always share our impressions after the last stop.


Our Opportunity waggon is living the dream of the transib and listens to stories of the people who we meet on our way. We do that especially during the presentations. In Moscow, Perm, Omsk and Novosibirsk we had white sheets on which local people wrote what is their life wish before they die. On a way to discover russian culture we already know that warmhearted people mostly wish the peace and a friendly world for everyone.


 The participants of the ScoutingTrain have met a lot of local people in Novosibirsk who were hosting us. Stanislav who gave us a small city-tour spntaneaously invited three people of our waggon to stay with him and because of some talks about personal life-travels he was about to join us on the journey. In a period of 15 minutes all of our participants had a place at a couchsurfer´s place.


 The Opportunity waggon had their own project during the trainride: Our participants were writing their dreambook. Each of them is busy realising a dream which he wrote into abook in Moscow: learning russian, trying to play guitar, writing books and reflections or taking pictures. At lake Baikal we will show, perform or tell the stories what we reached during more than 5000 kilometres trainride. The most important thing is to be open and of course always prepared!


Birute Taraskeviciute

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