Preparation meeting in Lithuania

Help Jonas realise his dream and experience basic Scouting!

The Waggon Opportunity will meet in Ukmerge, close to the capital Vilnius in the middle of June and help Jonas fulfill his dream.


Jonas always had the wish to build a national campsite for the Lithuanian Sea Scouts. He finally has bought the place and it´s in it´s building phase NOW!



On the weekend we will help building! As not everything will already be built we will experience basic Scouting and cook on fire, shower in the lake and so on. A good way for our participants to show their real Scouting Skills! Furthermore the participants can expect a coulourful programme. We will do a relay on water with other Lithuanian Scouts to work on the topic Opportunity, we will see old bunkers and have nice hikes.


And because that´s not enough, we will use the opportunity that the Yourope waggon also meets in Lithuania on that weekend and will have a common programme in Vilnius on Sunday!


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