Be a Scout and explore like a Rover!

This  wagon was started multinationally. OUR DREAM is to have as many countries joining us as possible. The journey will be an OPPORTUNITY for its travelers to fulfill their own dream. It might be big or small. 

Scouting opens gates. Together with the participants we want to find out which skills scouting gives to us and how it can help us to fulfill future dreams.

Just like the NASA robotic ROVER called Opportunity that is exploring the Mars we want to explore RUSSIA with a group of 40 ROVERS from different countries.

So - join, create and experience the Scouting spirit in the OPPORTUNITY wagon!

Your Conductors are:

  • Birute – Lithuania
  • Maja – Germany
  • Nastya – Russia (Omsk)
  • Evgeni – Russia (Omsk)
  • Katja – Russia (Irkutsk)
  • Gesche – Germany, living in Moscow
  • Hanna – Finland

... be international!

So - grab the OPPORTUNITY and join us!

ваша возможность!

Your Opportunity

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