Why we chose traditions

We are the Scouting-Train wagon which will keep itself busy with comparing the traditions and the modern reality of the different cultures and nations of the Scouts who travel to the Lake Baikal. But why exactly did we choose to do so? Our wagon conductress Julia Novitskaya tries to give an answer. 


Why we chose traditions?  


Traditions are valuable. They are the first thing we try to discover coming to the new country. They unite families, nations, formal and informal organizations.  Traditions connect people and give them a chance to feel themselves an important part of something big and meaningful.  Traditions are in trend! Many modern cultures today return to their traditions: they organize folk festivals; traditional cuisine restaurants are very popular; people don’t afraid to use national costumes in everyday life and often use folk elements in modern fashion. Even ultramodern art quite often use some folk motives in it.  “Traditions” mean wisdom and memory. They remind us about the mistakes the humanity has done and don’t let us to go the same way. They don’t give us to forget those, who has changed the course of history.  Sometimes it’s difficult for us to understand and accept the traditions of other cultures. At the same time we appreciate and respect them.  Traditions are the integral part of modernity. We invite you to support our wagon ”Traditions and modernity”. During our trip we will discover the world of traditions and history of the countries, which representatives will join us; we’ll try to understand, how they influence on our worldview; we’ll enjoy the diversity of scout traditions and, no doubt, we’ll create our own ones!

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