How does it feel to work together with young people from all kind of different cultures you barely know a thing about on a gigantic, idealistic project like the Scouting-Train? This time, Anastasiya Gorbachova, a friend of the T&M wagon who was notably involved in its planning and organization, tells about her first experiences.

 Teamwork and traditions


Such a great tradition we have, to support our brothers and sisters in difficulties…When I was on my way to the 2nd Academy I knew only a few people…the others seemed so strange and foreign to me…but for these several days those people living in different time zones, having different cultures and religions…are getting so close and dear…I think there’s no need to tell about the political situation in my dear country…Ukraine…but it’s worth to tell about how all these my new brothers and sisters worried about me, how they were writing and calling…and when you have no time to answer, but you’re looking for any opportunity…cause you already know that they care. Just as you:) yes, scouting makes you a one big family, Scouting Train is something that gets into your heart after the first meeting…the thought about being 2 weeks together with the same people in a one carriage, and in a one train in a whole…does not terrify, but just the other way around, it makes me looking forward to summer!))) Join us if you want to become a part of a big, harmonious, cohesive team!

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