Marta Dorjsembe

What is your personal scouting story?

I started my scouting live in 1996. I joined Girl Scout group for 4 years; in 2000 I finished course for beaver leaders and become leader. I did the best cubs’ team! 8th Gdynia Beaver- scouts team “Spring (river) Elf’s” - in this time I was also part of “Grey wolfs” teenager scouts team. I was leader for 8 years, than I gave leader work to my firs beaver girl. Than I left Poland to work in Mongolia as volunteer, also there I made a scout group “Bi- Pi Tornado”. Now I am working in Gdynias scout regiment, helping younger leaders in program or grooving up and supporting.

Why do you want the Scouting-Train to move?

Its great opportunity to change our scout experience. Unusual form (train travel) of this project is much more attractive than regular course, so I like it very much. Also personally I like to travel by train J 

What meaning does tradition and modernity have for you?

I think we can’t create future, if we don’t know past. Often we forgot traditional, simple things to use modern, complicate way. Also let’s show others, that also modernity can be good, if we use it properly. Our wagon is not historical, much more developing and exciting than you can expect!

Do you want to say something else?

Join us, if you are not afraid! We will find place for hard work and rest, for getting and giving, for traditional and modern ways of being together.

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