Maciej Pienkowski

What is your personal scouting story?

I joined ZHP when I was 11 years old. Mostly because my older brother joined two years earlier. I wasn't a cub scout because I wanted to be with my brother In the same troop. I had been very excited because my brother had told me great stories from camps and because of older family stories (my mother has been a scout, too). I became patrol leader some years later, and later, in the new troop which we formed, I became a rover. After that I became a boyscout troop's leader which I recently passed to my successor. I think, scouting gives me an opportunity to meet very many friends and to simply be better in more cases than I can count.

Why do you want the Scouting-Train to move?

I like the idea of doing something together with our neighbors (germans, russians etc.) and to knowing better each other. I think that this is something important for the generations of our parents      and grandparents, and for coming generations, too. Also, I wanted to see lake Baikal for many years.

What meaning does tradition and modernity have for you?

I think traditions are like clues. They help us to decide how we should behave; how to interact with others, for instance. I think, we should always ask ourselves how to use these clues in our current time and place. The modern world sometimes is a very confusing place. Nowadays, we have very many inventions. New ones are developed faster and faster.

At the other hand, we have more chances to develop our talents and to give them to other people; because of better communications and transport, for instance. In short words, I think we should at least try to look at our traditions, to find the best solutions for modern problems and look at the modern world to find the best use of our traditions.

Do you want to say something else?

Not this time ;)

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