Julia Novitskaya

What is your personal scouting story?

I came to scouting when I was 14 and started to lead the cubscout pack. Later I became the leader of the scout group called Polaris” and was leading it a long time, 9 years. I have always been interested in the international scouting so I was happy to become the International Secretary of NORS in 2007. It is interesting that my mom and my younger brother came to scouting the same time as me, so we do many scout things together.=) My husband Dima became a scout after we got married, he had no way to escape.=) My 3-year-old son Leo says he wants to be a scout, too, and joins me to all the long camps and events . I moved to Munich, Germany a couple of months ago (in October 2013) but I’m still trying to be useful to Russian scouting even being far from my homeland. Thanks to scouting I have a lot of dear friends in Russia, Finland, Denmark and other countries. The scout organization influenced a lot on my way of life and my life principals.

Why do you want the Scouting-Train to move?

This is such a beautiful idea: young people, who speak different languages and have different cultural backgrounds, go along Russian railways with the same idea: we are so different and similar at the same time; the peace in the world is more than possible!

I also hope this project will help in developing Russian scouting.

What meaning does tradition and modernity have for you?

For me it means the fact that no sustainable development is possible without knowing the traditions and history in different countries. I mean we should know the mistakes of the previous years and should not repeat them. But it is also necessary to use the experience of the past.

And then… Tradition for me is the most beautiful and valuable thing every nationality can bring to the world. Of course, we are speaking a lot of globalization now, but, on my opinion the world without different national traditions, without differences is poor and boring. So modernity should not exclude traditions.

Do you want to say something else?

I just want to say to people who are thinking whether they will participate in the Scouting train or not: Please, come and join us. But please prepare to be active and acting persons!=)

We need you to this memorable trip!

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