Aleksandr Metreveli

What is your personal scouting story?

I am in a scout movement since 2012. I came to a scouting as an adult, so immediately became a scout-leader. At present I am the member of national committee. My tasks on this position is PR and communication. I work over a site and page in Fb.

Why do you want the Scouting-Train to move?

For me it is an opportunity to adjust the friendly relations with the German and Polish scouts. And show possibilities of our organization to other scout world. I also adore long-time tours where there is an opportunity to check yourself in different conditions.

What meaning does tradition and modernity have for you?

These traditions distinguish our movement from the others. Exactly they allow to feel spirit of scouting around the world. And our task is to connect traditions with the modernity of our world.

Do you want to say something else?

  • Be active
  • Perceive the world and it will open new horizons for you

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