Expanded Programme

In our YOUROPE wagon all the passengers come from many different countries. We all have Scout groups in which we are active and committed. We split up into a few compartments (i.e. groups) where each compartment comprises about eight Scouts of various nationalities. Each compartment invents and implements its own youth-related project: The passengers of a compartment jointly develop a Scout activity in the form of an expanded programme. Each of the participants implements this programme with their own Scout group at home. Like this, a compartment gathers perspectives from many different cultures, as each of the passengers along with their Scout group comes from another background!

YOUROPE then consists of these few compartments, where each of them has put into action its very own expanded programme. Through these few different approaches, we Scouts will gather a colourful variety of answers to our questions.

As a YOUROPEAN, each of the passengers...

  • puts into action an awesome youth-related project with his Scout group at home
  • makes friends with cool people from all across Eurasia
  • gets to know many interesting aspects of the fall of the Iron Curtain through the eyes of an adolescentexperiences internationality first-hand with all the fellow passengers from across the continent
  • finds similarities in cultures of young people from different backgrounds
  • promotes Scouting in all the countries which participate in YOUROPE and in all the regions through which our venturing journey will lead us
  • tears down mental walls
  • leaves behind a world with fewer stereotypes and prejudices
  • and – last but not least – goes on a fantastic train ride on the trans-Siberian railway!

Curious?! Come on, hop on and join us or contribute to this adventurous journey and support us!


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