Adrian Oeftiger

Adrian discovered the scouts in 1997 and jumped on the bandwagon. After six exciting years with the cubs, he decided to change scout organisations and joined the BdP troop “Ata Ulf”. During the following years, he got more and more involved in his local troop where he lead cubs as well as patrols for some years. Soon followed active scouting work on the state level as a troop delegate and delegate’s representative. As soon as he started studying physics, Adrian moved to Switzerland where active voluntary work changed down a gear. However, finishing his studies and breathing fresh scouting air at the BdP national jamboree in 2013, the train has picked up pace and heads now for the Lake Baikal with all of us being in the game! Walls have been pulled down years ago already -- yet, making friends all across Europe and traveling everywhere, this is happening today! Not only at CERN in Geneva, there are a lot of international encounters where Adrian works on his doctoral thesis. Moving up a gear, this can well happen with us scouts, even at a totally different level: escaping together into a free world -- this is what we want!


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