What is the OPPORTUNITY waggon about? That is what the members of your conductors team say:


“What Opportunity wagon is?
It is about you and your dream. Together we will prove that people can reach their goals, live their dreams and it does not matter where you are from or which language you speak. Our wagon is DISCOVERY of OUR SELVES!”


“As young people standing at turning points of our lives, we often have personal dreams that will influence our future. In order to help to fulfill our dreams, we will use the diversity of our personal and cultural life experiences and backgrounds. By achieving a small goal during the project with the help of others, you will have the OPPORTUNITY to fulfill your personal goals.”


“Just do it! With a group of Rovers coming from all over Europe and Russia, we want to use this internationality as an OPPORTUNITY to talk about dreams and personal futures in relation to the personal backgrounds and surroundings. Together we want to discover Russia and diverse experiences. We want to create each traveller the OPPORTUNITY to set his or her own dreams as a goal. It might be big or small.”


„Unique OPPORTUNITY – to dream and create your future through personal discoveries when travelling on ScoutingTrain with different people from different countries in one waggon. This is OPPORTUNITY to understand yourself and other people better, to realise a way of fullfiling your dreams to become a person you want to be!”


"Everybody of us has dreams. Dreams of an aim, dreams of future. You have got the unique possibility to learn about other cultures, get good experiences. Be welcome to the wagon "Opportunity".

Your Opportunity

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