ITB 2014 Berlin – eastern europe at the ITB

A former russian scout president in Berlin - and Susi from the Executive Board was right there!

At the ITB, the international tourism exchange Berlin, countries from all over the world can present themselves to the public and companies, organisations and official representatives use this opportunity to show ow attractive their region or country is. Of course eastern europe was represented professionally with a big variety of touristic attractions and a lot of countries showing the variety of cultures, landscapes and traditions!

I was thrilled to visit ITB and went there to ckeck it out. I wanted to talk about ScoutingTrain and find official supports as well.

After some discussions about ScoutingTrain with different representatives of tourist offices from Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk and Moskau (They were really interested in ScoutingTrain 2014) we realized that there might even be former-Scouts present as well, officially working there for russian regional turist offices! And we found one!

I was able to speak with a former scout, working on the ITB as a representative from Irkutsk. He is now looking forward to welcome us in Irkutsk!

Russia is welcoming us!


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