Vilnius city game

City Game at the „Happiness-Waggon“-meeting in Vilnius

Before I came to Vilnius, I have never played a city game. But I think: What can be more fun than gaining knowledge about the city while doing a city game? It was a great opportunity to become active and discover Vilnius!

In the beginning, we met scouts from the local scout group in Vilnius. We played a game to determine our groups: for example, the girl called out the numbers 6 and 2. This was repeated with different numbers until we had two groups consisting of 4 people in each group. They gave us a paper with a hint where we need to go. Our first station was the castle of Vilnius. We were not able to find the second hint because it appeared to be stolen by someone. We had to call for local scouts in order to continue. Then we had to search for an old oak in the city park, where was our next hint. After few stops, we saw the other group at the town hall of Vilnius. We tried to hide, but the other group saw us :).

After this meeting, we discovered the old jewish ghetto, which had been established by the German-Nazis. All the things the German-Nazis had been doing in Lithuania and all over Europe need to be condemned. After seeing this cruel part of history, we visited the backyard of the presidential palace and some other secret parts of Vilnius.

Our last stop, Vinco Kudirkos square,was the las one before coming back to Hostelgate. There we met a group of local scouts and had a barbeque with lots of different kinds of food and snacks. We had a very nice evening full of fun and laughter, which will stay in my memory for a long, long time.

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