Signalmaster: Gernot Erler

As coordinator for the civil society cooperation with Russia, Central Asia and the Countries of the Eastern Partnership, I was very pleased to be asked to take over the patronage for the project Scouting Train.

The crisis in the Ukraine is, at present, the top challenge concerning the relationship between the European Union, the Countries of the Eastern Partnership and  Russia.

The support of the civil society is needed as well, if the political efforts for a solution are to bring forth a sustainable success. The Scouting Train” can add an important contribution to this aim. 

The personal encounter of more than 200 young people, coming from fifteen European Countries, the shared experience on the occasion of the trip through Russia, as well as the discussion of current issues, can increase mutual understanding, respectfulness and confidence. The developing networks are valuable dialogue tracks  towards a resilient relationships between the European Union, the Countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia in the future. 

I am impressed by the commitment of the organizers, and I would like to express my recognition for your voluntary initiative.

I will be pleased to accompany this project as a patron, and to be present when the the train starts on July 31st, and the participants, starting from Berlin, leave for the Lake Baikal via Warsaw, Minsk and Moscow

This train ride, being the highlight of the project, is, however, not the last point.

Therefore I appreciate any support leading to a success of the Scouting Train, for instance by a donation.


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