1 year after Maidan

One year after the climax of the demonstrations in kiev, not only we are thinking about new projects. Mische and Benny were invited and joined a conference in the foreign office of Germany (Auswärtiges Amt). We were invited because the office of Gernot Erler introduced a new program to support initiatives for civil engagament with Ukraine and Russia to support peace and democracy.

We used the occasion to hand over a signed documentation to Gernot Erler, who gave us his special support for the #ScoutingTrain. He remembered how he gave us a loud whistle as a farewell and was happy to recieve our documentation. He asked us to continue our work with new projects!

There is money for projects available at the foreign office and everybody can apply. Please contact the bdp (info@pfadfinden.de) to get the details for the application. The deadline for a first short application (one page) is March 6th 2015. So please hurry up.

You can also order documentation via: Order it online here





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