YOUROPE – Youth in Scouting, boundless!

YOUROPE – what are we all about?

Welcome aboard the ScoutingTrain 2014! Our unprecedented train ride will lead us through magnificent regions to discover a rich diversity of cultures – we dive into the epoch of the fall of the Iron Curtain 25 years ago, as seen from the many different perspectives of our fellow passengers. There is a train to lake Baikal, and we – we hop on!

Experience international and intercultural teamplay in a Scout environment as it has never been seen before… And more than 25 years ago this was not even possible!

Together with you we are "YOUROPE – Youth in Scouting, boundless!"

...and we want to explore YOUTH in EUROPE! Europe has gone far as a united community of peoples that have grown together and scaled down borders. This should go even further for the future generations when it comes to connecting to each other and tearing down mental walls!

Talking about future generations:

Is it not the 12 to 16-year old youngsters who – while discovering the world and seeking their place in life – are the perfect mirror of the society? In their actions, games and songs, in their fears, hopes and dreams, the young generation directly reflects the culture in which it is growing up.  

  • So, how did the young generation of 25 years ago perceive the awakening of that time?
  • What stereotypes and prejudices about people on the other side of borders are wrong?
  • As a youngster of 12 to 16 years, what would YOU have done if the whole world around you had changed all of a sudden?
  • What is being young all about in the different countries of Europe?
  • What does Scouting and wearing a scarf mean across Europe?
  • How did YOU spend your teenager years as a Scout?

As YOUROPEANS, we want to find answers to these and many more questions! Since we are Scouts, we are all engaged in youth work. So what better way is there to find out about all these interesting aspects than to actively EXPLORE them in Scout activities?


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