Time Structure of our Wagon Programme

At our first wagon meeting in June 2014, all the YOUROPEANS get to know each other and we brainstorm about YOUR ideas for amazing youth-related projects. Here is where the journey begins: the compartments of our wagon come about according to your ideas, all with mixed nationalities. Then each compartment dives into developing their own expanded programme, following their respective joint vision.

The finalised expanded programme...

...is put into action by each member of a compartment: their Scout group realises the youth-related project between the first wagon meeting and the train ride. In this way, the compartments can gather the outcome of all the individual realisations by the compartment members before the ScoutingTrain in August. Will the final presentation be a movie? A photo collage? Or a poster? Be prepared for some unleashed Scout creativity!

These compartment presentations...

...will accompany us on the ScoutingTrain 2014: imagine, our wagon will thereby spread the idea of Scouting into the communities at the stops during our train ride! YOUTH everywhere!

The culmination of our ScoutingTrain project is the jubilee in Berlin in November 2014: we write history at the celebration of 25 years fall of the Berlin Wall. Come with us and be part of this once-in-a-lifetime story! Be YOUROPE!

And be prepared!

Yours in Scouting,
Adrian, Anke, Dustin, Jan-Georg, Lars and Monika


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