Jan-Georg Bohlken

Jan-Georg has been wearing the scout uniform since he was 11. In his local troop “Aldenburg” he enjoyed countless patrol meetings as a member and  organized many meetings, trips and the like as a group leader. The World Scout Jamboree 2007 in Great Britain gave him the chance to go international for the first time - an unforgettable experience. In 2010 he put in a scouting sabbatical and spent a year in Ecuador doing volunteer work. By now  Jan-Georg is the coordinator of the scout-guide section (ages 11-16) at the state level in Niedersachsen, head of training courses and elected member of the Niedersachsen scout council. That also works from his place of study, Göttingen.

“I didn´t experience the time of the iron curtain, but where I live and in everyday life I can still feel the aftereffects of that time. I am going to be part of the ScoutingTrain because I can´t think of anything more exciting than tearing down borders and finding new perspectives along the historic train route of the Trans-Siberian Railway.”


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