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A waggon team - what is that?


How does it feel to work together with young people from all kind of different cultures you barely know a thing about on a gigantic, idealistic project like the Scouting-Train? This time, the “Tradition&Modernity” wagon conductress Kristina Kolesova shares her feelings and thoughts about working in such an unusual team.


Waggon…you ask me what is it?


That’s a team! And the best way of teambuilding is to get into a fine mess and to find together the way out. And I’m sure that for these several days we’ve become as united as it was possible for such a short period of time. What now are we ready for?

To have a great patience to each other even when you’re on the edge of going off like Vesuvius, to see the best sides of people around you and understand the individuality of each other even during listening to a loooong story or during the heated debates, to catch the meaning at once even during the discussion in English and partly in Russian listening to Polish and all in all being an Azerbaijanian, to persuade the German driver in Russian and English that he’s going the road you need, to find the way together in pitch darkness, to wake up much earlier than the others to do something special and important to your team, and just to make someone believe when you’re disappointed at all even by yourself, …ye, that what the Waggon is!

We were able to do these entire things, and you are able, too.
We are one step closer to the aim. Become a part of us:

The Tradition&Modernity waggon of Scouting Train.

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