Polina Cherkasova

Hi, I'm Polina, a 23-year-old amateur architect from Moscow, Russia. After 7 years in Scouting, I know it for fact: if you've ever joined any Scouting project, then wherever you travel or work after it, whatever's changing you life, this amazing movement will always stay with you in your mind and heart. Having ridden to Baikal by train, I wish to share this experience, wish people from West could touch and feel this miraculous world of East. Moreover, I believe the opportunity to meet each other face-to-face for Scouts from Europe and Russia to be a fine way to strenthen further communication and exchange knowledge and expect the chanse to learn from Scouting Foundation Stiftung Pfadfinden to be great and valuable for those who're interested in applying its model in treir own countries. So, see you all on ScoutingTrain2014! =)

Once a Scout

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