They came from everywhere...

It’s the people and those are the ones, I’d like to introduce to you:

During February 5th to 11th, approx. 80 Guides and Scouts met at the Fritz-Emmel-Scout Center in Kronberg…

Many familiar but also new faces…

Who joined?... 4 brave Hungarian Guides and Scouts - new to our project: Andra, Adrienne and 2 Peters… They support our “Timetravel” and “Opportunity” Wagons as well as our City Rally in Moscow. Adrienne studied in Moscow and arranged contact to the Hungarian Center of Culture in Moscow.

…9 Mentors from BdP, DPSG and PBMV… They provided our Conductresses and Conductors the view from outside in: First ideas, feedback, and offers of support. For the first time ever in BdP, the experiment of what we in ScoutingTrain call “SwitchWomen”. Thank you Markus and Jenja and all the others! We are looking for further supporters prepared sharing their knowhow and network with our conductresses and conductors. We are looking forward to even more “SwitchWomen”-Power!

Azerbaijan, the country between Orient and Occident, former Soviet Republic at the Black Sea, rich in Oil … is providing 6 conductresses and conductors. Alex and his friends are meanwhile supporting three wagons of our train. Alex also is supporting us in programming our Worldpress-Blogs… All of them are enthusiastic about working in their respective teams!!!

Old Friendship Renewed

Friendship between Polish Guides and Scouts of ZHP and BdP has a long history and our project, “25 Years after the fall of the Berlin Wall” was unthinkable without our Polish friends. We are enthusiastic that they joined us and are looking forward to hold our 3rd academy in Poland’s City of Solidarnosz: Gdansk!, in May. We are coming! We enjoy wagons with strong Polish participation, you are just great! You bring so many spiritual moments and Energy! Dziękuję! 

Expert Guests

Andreas Schiemenz is one of the best know fundraising specialists in Germany. The Train Directorate asked and he agreed. 40 Guides and Scouts that were able already on Thursday to join his lecture were inspired. As a homework assignment, each participant was requested during the following week to send 10 E-Mails to journalists - with him in cc- (in total 400 e-Mails to journalists) to introduce our project. Benny even took him up for a bet. Until Thursday night, 40 E-Mails were received, and our conductor Wolf from the city of Oldenburg already had his first interview-invitation by Wednesday.

Julia, editor and social media specialist for the catholic relief organization Miseror shared her wisdom with those responsible in their wagons for that topic and she worked “Pro Bono” just like Jan-Martin Schmidt from the Consulting Firm PfO. He provided conceptional skills and tools to conductors for working in international teams… Many Conductresses and Conductors were inspired by such competencies!

Schedules Wagon Meetings

Horseback-Riding in Belarus (Nastya from Belarus, Ceci and Susi from Germany will make this dream come true) - Meet and Greet in Vilnius (Meike and Alex from the “Lights of Happiness” Wagon coordinated this with Dustin, Yan and others from our “Yourope” Wagon. Further Wagon meetings are scheduled for St. Petersburg, Moscow, Berlin and Baku- 10 bi- tri- and multilateral meetings will prepare for ScoutingTrain 2014! Does not just sound exciting, IT IS!

Stories from ScoutingTrain

Further participants joined from Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.  Each of them brings their own language and their very own stories! Sometimes new Migration Experiences like some young Europeans that feel at home everywhere - just like Julia from Petrosawodsk. For the past six months she and her husband and child live happily in Munich, supporting her Scouting-friends in Karelia.

Wolfgang was introduced to Scouting by his cup-scout son and for years now he actively supports the Maegdesprung Scout-Camp in the Harz Mountains of Germany. He studied in Moscow and is a happy supporter in ScoutingTrain’s “Once a Scout…” wagon and at the Moscow City Rally.

Similar to Ole, who is active in Meissen since 1990, he can share his experience during the times of German Unification together with Hans (Director of Scout Foundation) or EWA (Polish Scouting Delegate at the Catholic Scouting World Committee).

They are the more senior Scouts making this project bridge the generation gap.

Thomas, a priest in Siberia is providing valuable contacts - he is looking forward to our visit in summer!

It is already late at night when Igor and Andrej tell me a story from their Scout Organization and Russian Scouting. As Managers of “Yukos” they founded during the early years of the new millennium with financial support from Yukos owner Chodorkowski, the Russian Scouting Association RAS-N. Influence and money have gone and it is time for a re-unification of Russian Scout Organizations. After 10 years of quarrel, most Scout-Organizations in Russia will come back together under one roof.

Benny is proud to be part of this historic moment that night.

Alexandra (called “Sascha”) joined the “Orkestar” Wagon and met there with Felix, Benno and Jan-Phi. Those three cultural scientists founded “URSA Minor’s” smuggling business and since then fire up our project with their music. A bonanza for BdP as well as for them - It’s the mix that makes it!

Soon, the first music CD from those three will be on the market and available to all FireWOmen of ScoutingTrain. (Along with their first CD is also a funding-application at the German Federal Cultural Foundation.)

Our Moscow City Rally will take place from August 3rd to August 6th. With Andrej, the Russian Scouting President and Buffi, head of DPV we gained significant support and experience on our team.

Nico, not really a Scout but as BdP volunteer in Kazakhstan could put his Russian language skills and cultural competences in use. Together with Anuar as first volunteer of Kazakhstan Scouting in Germany he will support the City Rally Project as Information-Manager.

Crowd Funding and Social Media

Have you ever heard of Startnext, Betterplace and boost Projects? At ScoutingTrain we try out what Web 2.0 has to offer in Fundraising. Chief-Fundraiser Lars is busy day and night to help the internet reach our fundraising goal of € 1.200.000. We receive support from 10 countries, everybody wants to take part!


Nicklas and Niklas, as well as Dominic and Anuar: A Service team that Charo dreamed of.  It is alive in BdP, volunteers that without complaining conduct a complex registration procedure and on top until 4:00 am manage the beverage supply.  And the books balanced with more than € 10.000, not a single cent off - you are unbelievable!

Thomas from Vienna, representative of WOSM’s Leadership and Training Fund as well as Friedemann (BdP IC) and Stefan (BdP-CFO) enjoyed during their visit the spirit of our academy. Thank you for your time spent!

Of Course, not to forget those that issued Visa Invitations (Jan together with Silke and Jacky), completed and signed funding applications (Milena, Jan, Enno together with Stefan, Gutemiene and Philipp). We need people like you on our BdP Executive Board and in Headquarters, willing and capable to take on responsibility.

This barely are not all stories that could be told from the academy, Masha missed her flight to Moscow, Tingel conducted international dancing and put the song book “SINGING-Train” together, Rumiya and Mascha provided simultaneous translations during 4 days, probably the most intense Scouting Event in up to 4 languages!

Even though I could not list all the stories for you…

I wanted to tell you about it and hope for further good news from Europe!


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