The Scouting Train 2014 will launch together with international project groups from Berlin to go through Poland, Belarus, Moscow to Irkutsk.

Each wagon (international group of scouts) organises their trip to Moscow on their own - it depends on the conductors if the group will meet in Berlin, Warsaw, Minsk or already in Moscow. One group even starts in Baku, AZ.


The meeting of all participants will start in Moscow on 1st August 2014. We will stay there for four days, getting to know each other, meeting with Russian scouts and present our project to russian youth organizations. We will take part in the big moscow city game. If you only want to join the stay in moscow and the city game, please check it out and apply immediately.


On 5th August 2014 we will start the journey to Baikal Lake, which will take seven days (and nights). On the way we will do three stops, during which we will present our project:

  • 1 night stop in Perm (which we just changed weeks ago, our partners from NORS help us organize our stopover) - presentation of waggons
  • stopover in Omsk - presentation of waggons, but leaving the same evening
  • 1 night stopover in Novosibirsk - presentation of waggons
  • 1 night stopover in irkutsk - presentation of waggons

On all the stopovers we will have a little exhibition to show the scoutingtrain people and what we did. We will have a walk thorugh the city, meet locals, have a shower and organize something to eat. Whenever possible we will meet local scout groups and talk to them. Our Orkestar is going to frame tzhe exhibition with a little concert and hopefully officials will welcome us in their town.


On the 13th in the evening we will take busses from irkutsk to the camp ground at lake baikal. From 14th till 16th of august we will camp at Lake Baikal and join a russian scout camp.

Each group (wagon) will decide be themselves if they go back home immediately or if they want to travel further to the east. All of us have learned everything we need to enjoy a summer on the go!


We will share our stories in berlin on november 9th 2014, when we meet to celebrate together.


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