Once upon a time there was an idea…

...the idea was to unite guides and scouts from East and West in a unique mutual project.

Excited by this idea, 7 guides and scouts came together, and lo, the ScoutingTrain 2014 was born. Numerous meetings, hours and hours of phone conferences and an uncountable amount of e-mails later, it became clear that it was not just an idea anymore – it had come into being!!

25 years after the end of the iron curtain, who’s fall enabled Germany to reunite, the “Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder e.V. (BdP)“ (German Association of Guides and Scouts) and its partner organizations in Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries plan an international project of a joint educational journey of Guides and Scouts along the tracks with the legendary Transsiberian Railroad.

Through this unique activity we will find a way for Guides and Scouts from the west and some former Warsaw Pact countries to meet and use the Scout Movement as a catalyst for communication and understanding of different cultures.

A train with approximately 400 Scouts and Guides, 16 years or older traveling from the 31st July 2014 till 19th August 2014 from Germany via Poland, Belarus and Russia to Baikal Lake.

Each waggon of the train has its own project theme of the train ride consisting of Scouting and Europe’s contemporary history. The waggons are managed by Conductor-Teams consisting of four to six people. They act as multipliers of the project idea and are being supported by the Board of Train-Directors.

Conductor-Teams get the chance to be trained by mentors, to use existing networks with Eastern Europe and to exchange information with other Conductors-Teams to develop their own view on Europe’s history and future.

We have an opportunity to cultivate a warm, varied, and valued Europe that reflects its inhabitants!


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