Lars Böhnke

Short time ago Lars was engaged at his national association. When the ScoutingTrain called he answered and entered the Executive Board.

Lars Böhnke has been a member of the BdP (Union of Scouts and Guides) since 1999. Quite a lot has happened since then: First he was a cub scout and scout in his local troop, then as a rover he got actively involved in youth work and worked at state level.

By now for Lars scouting has grown from a hobby to an almost full time endeavor with which he spends all his free time. Currenlty, Lars is an active member of various committees at state level.

He has always wanted to travel the Trans-Siberian Railway, and, together with the international touch it was easy for him to decide to become a train conductor and couple another wagon onto the ScoutingTrain.

"Together with scouts from Eastern Europe I have one idea: the vision from a real,lived network of young europeans. It has never been tried before."

Originally born in Gifhorn, close to Wolfsburg, Lars now works and lives in Hannover and earns his livelihood in an accountancy firm. 25 years after the fall of the Iron Curtain, German scouts from the BdP (Union of Scouts and Guides) together with scouts from across Europe are planning an international educational encounter and exchange project along the route of the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. This unique event in the summer of 2014 together with scouts from former Warsaw Pact member countries is meant to build a bridge from Western to Eastern Europe.


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