Why are we working on the scoutingtrain 2014

In summer 2014 scouts from germany and other european countries travel together from west to the east of europe and enjoy scouting as a door opener and as a catalyst for understandin.

Along the track of the transiberian railway we are going to travel with 400 scouts to enjoy an international exchange and education project.

The trainride takes us to a campside on lake baikal. We will meet locals, enjoy nature, celebrate the cultural diversity in common understanding while taking international scout collaboration onto a next level.

The work to make this trainride possible in the first place, the impressions we get on the trip and the network of people that is formed while working togehter are all important aspects of the messages we want stress:

• international youth collaboration can tear down walls

• young people and especially scouts have the ability to overcome language barriers through a common understanding of travelling and camps. These experiences and tools enable us to become world citizens

• 25 years after the physical wall in europe was torn down we want to work on walls that still exist in our heads and make europe grow and stabilize


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