From Berlin to Lake Baikal

Some of us will start our journey in Berlin and travel to Moscow via Warsaw and Minsk.

We will try to blend in with almost 12 million Muscovites and discover the famous Red Square in a treasure hunt; we will walk past some of the city’s 300 churches and many other architectural masterpieces; we will regain our strength by borsht and bliny. Have a chance to take a quick picture with the colourful towers of the St. Basil’s Cathedral, the true symbol of Moscow before heading off to Siberia!

And then, we hop on!

On 5 August 2014, after discovering Moscow, we will get on the train that will take us on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. Ahead of us the vast endlessness of the Taiga and the Urals we’ve heard of in so many songs around the campfire. After 1.777 km we will pass an obelisk that marks the border between Europe and Asia.

At this point, we will not even be half way through with 3.429 km still ahead of us. You might come up with a question ’What shall we do on this route of 5.198 km, apart from sleeping and staring out of the window aimlessly?’ We will introduce each other to the projects of our wagons, and show them to the people in Yekaterinburg, Omsk, and Novosibirsk along the way. We will get to know each other much better. Our ’Orkestar’ will deliver musical highlights. We’ll chat, laugh, sing, and sleep. There will be also some work to do, at least for some of us. We’ll inform our friends and family and everyone left at home about our experience by blogging, sending press releases, and getting in touch with interested journalists. There will be also some work to do during our stops. 

After the best part of a week, we’ll finally arrive at the world’s deepest and oldest freshwater lake and immediately jump into its icy waters, shivering and shaking, but happy. We’ll spend the next couple of days on a campsite that will appear pure luxury after our journey. This will be the end of the second part of our journey. Some of us will continue our travels; some will return back home. But this farewell won’t be for long.

On 9 November, we will meet again, exactly where the journey began.

In Berlin. Again, we’ll tell our stories, but this time our audience will be the citizens of the German capital. 25 years earlier, people here celebrated the fall oft he Berlin Wall. Today, we will celebrate the fact that we took part in making other walls fall - those in people’s minds.


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