Moscow City Game — The idea

72h Moscow

2014 brings a new challenge to every young person who is ready for adventures:

Discover the Russian capital together with a few hundreds of other scouts. It will be a rare multisensory
experience – in the deepest and fastest metro system of Europe, on the Red Square or other places the city
has to offer!

Our paths will cross in Moscow:

As a part of an international mini-team you will deal with multiple challenges and enter a contest against
other players and the city itself.

Keep your eyes wide open and your ears to the ground – you’ll have to solve mysteries, find treasures and collect new experiences!
The Russian way of life, world famous tourist attractions, and contacts to Russian scouts will make this event unforgettable and expand your horizons.
Unexpected and unpredictable challenges requiring out-of-the-box thinking are waiting for you!

Your teamwill use blogs to communicate with the others and inform the audience about successfully accomplished tasks and other adventures.
You can see multiple faces of the city attending the reception at the Embassy, a boat trip on the Moskva
river, or singing in the Gorky Park!

The ultimate climax and finale of the city game will take place on 5 August at the Yaroslavsky Rail Station with the departure of ScoutingTrain – well and truly an unforgettable moment for everyone!

Moscow City Game

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