Moscow ahead! We will meet in Moscow on the 2nd of August!

More than 170 scouts will start their journey in Berlin on Thursday, 31st of July!

Here you can study the timetable of our 26-hours-train ride Berlin-Moscow. It is the first step of our long run to Lake Baikal!

024Б, Берлин Главный (31 июл 21:03) - М-Белорусск. (2 авг 00:28)

Attention! This is NOT an authoritative time table and must NOT be used as an official announcement of any fixed appointments of our project.


We will arrive at Moscow Belorusskij Station shortly after midnight on the 2nd of August!

There we will meet many of the other participants who are already in Moscow, awaiting the grand opening of the City Game.

Shortly after our arrival we will have a quick transfer to our camp site in Sokolniki Park where will be the Opening Ceremony with over 250 scouts coming from over 10 different countries in Europe and even from overseas!

Moscow City Game

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