Welcome to the ScoutingTrain Orkestar!

With international scout fusion, we are putting our share to the cultural exchange of the Scouting Train in order to celebrate 25 years fall of the Berlin Wall. We want to give the Scouting Train its own sound out of the variety of international songs and styles.

We are the ScoutingTrain Orkestar and heat up the train with groundbreaking music!

On this website you find infos about our team of conductors and conductresses as well as possibilities to support us on our way to the train ride next summer. And if you're interested in becoming a part of the orkestar you can apply still here as international traveler.

We are looking for people who preferably have some preovious knowledge of music. Various instrumentalist as well as singing enthusiats are more than welcome!

And now: listen! Pastoi Paravoz!


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