Wolfgang Ritterhaus

Hi, I’m Wolfgang, not yet 60 years old.

I live in the middle of Germany nearby the Harz in Aschersleben. Since 1994 I am a scout due to the activities of my oldest son. Scout movement in the eastern part of Germany was possible only after the 9th of November 1989, after the Berlin Wall came down. In all this years as a scout I learned - the idea of scout movement is a matchless possibility bringing closer not only young people of this world in friendship, tolerance and understanding. I made these experiences on all my journeys with my troop in to the west or in to the east, to the USA or to Poland, everywhere the scouting idea works without barriers.

The project scouting train reflect a little bit my own living story : 1970th years -living and study in Moscow, Russia; 1980th years- political changes in Germany; 1990th years - became a scout after breaking down the Iron Curtain; up to now - activities in the scout movement and finally the scouting train as the highlight from all of this – It’s great being a part of this unique project.

Once a Scout

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