Once a Scout – Always a Scout

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Cold War Era in Europe.

Scouts and Guides from East and West are destined to use this unique project as an opportunity to ensure that no new walls will be build during the next 25 years.

400 predominantly young people from 10 countries will in August of 2014 jump on a train from Berlin, Warsaw or Moscow to jointly ride on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway in the deeps of Siberia, to Irkutsk on Lake Baikal.

During a number of preparatory meetings and during the train-ride we actively will engage in learning about our cultural similarities but also our differences to create tolerance and understanding for each other, the best basis for lasting peace.

Enthused by this great idea, a number of “Silver Agers” got together and decided to join this great project and put our own wagon, called “Once a Scout – Always a Scout” on tracks.

Our aim is to carry our idea of lifelong Scouting as a philosophy of life into the often young Scouting Organizations of Eastern Europe and show on the example of a Scout Foundation how this can work to everyone’s benefit. Of course we would be happy and prepared if requested to support the forming of a foundation in respective countries if this is desired and legally possible.

We, so far 4 Russian Guides and Scouts, one Polish Guide living in France and three Germans will act as so called conductors for our wagon. Further travelers have registered.

Once a Scout

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