Once a Scout - Always a Scout Wagon will meet in St.Peterburg

Dear fellow Travelers of our wagon!

For the first time, all travelers of our wagon will meet from June 26 to June 30 in the beautiful and charming city of St. Petersburg!

June - a great time! Boats run on rivers and canals and the many beautiful fountains are welcoming us . Parks and historic sites are covered in beautiful greens. And most importantly - June is the "white nights"!
We will stay at a hotel near Pulkovskaya observatory, close to the city.
The program of our meeting is as follows:

Thursday, 26 June
Arrival of some staff members, accommodation in hotel
And preparation for meeting

Friday, 27 June
Arrival of other participants
Meeting preparation
at 6 pm welcome session, followed by dinner.

Saturday, 28 June
9:00 am to 4:00 pm Wagon Workshop I
followed by a walk around the city and traditional diner at a restaurant

Sunday, 29 Juny
Workshop II
Workshop III

Monday, 30 Juny
close out session and review

For contact Germany: Hans Hans.Kuehn(at)stiftungpfadfinden.de, Russian: Anna amorozowa@bk.ru

Once a Scout

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