Once a Scout - Always a Scout — Wagon meeting in St. Petersburg

Already during our Conductor’s Academies in Kronberg, Germany, we agreed to hold our wagon meeting in Saint Petersburg, also called the Venice of the North. And what better time to explore this extraordinary town as during the famous “White Nights” towards the end of June when it never gets really dark.

Meeting during the famous "White Nights"

Thanks to our local hosts headed by our conductors Seva and Anna, 22 of our 23 participants of our wagon met from June 26th through June 30th at the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory at the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

During extensive workshop hours, professionally managed by Karin Dittrich-Brauner, we did not only get to know each other much better (Scouts from 18 to 70+ years of age from 4 different countries) but also shared important information on what to expect before and during the train ride, what to bring along and what our duties might be. Of course, most importantly were discussions, how we would present our wagon to our fellow travelers, Scouts we meet in route and the public. Tasks were assigned and work on those is in full swing.

»Work hard and have fun!«

True to our motto, "work hard and have fun”, we also visited St. Petersburg and its surroundings. Endless walks to cover long distances between all touristic highlights and a boat ride on river Newa with its many channels prepared us for a spectacular night view, when the bridges were pulled up at 1:25 a.m. to allow larger boats in and out.

Before we all went back to our home-countries, a visit to the Scout Museum in Pushkin and a tour at the observatory concluded this wonderful event and the farewell will not be for a long time as on August 1st we will all meet again in Moscow (or on July 31st in Berlin) to commence ScoutingTrain 2014, a date we all have been waiting for.

Once a Scout

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