Scouting Convention

“It is with great joy to take over the patronage of this Scouting Convention. I still hold fond memories of my own times as an active scout. I am grateful having had this opportunity since it had significant impact on my personal development. I welcome that you do not shy away from difficult and self-critical questions of tolerance and religion and actively engage with the changing environment of globalization and technology confronting the recreational time of our youth”.

Those words came from Horst Koehler, former German President and patron of the 3rd Scouting Convention.

Third Scouting Convention

This convention, titled “Scouting worldwide - localization of a transnational Educational Idea and Youth-Movement” was the third one in a series of scientific discussions on Scout Movement. Scouting has proven to be a successful form of child and youth work despite that it has been insufficiently reflected in theoretical and empiric studies. The convention discussed the transnational Education Idea and Youth Movement of Scouting from various scientific perspectives. Scientists from all over Germany held lectures which were the basis for joint discussions on the various subjects.

We where there!

Hans and Susi were there as well, mainly to introduce ScoutingTrain 2014 to the forum. Hans’ winning words and Susi’s convincing presentation on chances and bridge building across cultural and political borders, which we will achieve with our project, gained us further support of our project.


Not only good discussions and a number of donations but also new travelers for our journey to Irkutsk 2014 made this a worthwhile and fun weekend.


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