ScoutingTrain visits

Enno and Susi visited the people from betterplace - that people who actually make an impact in changing the world for the better!

It is unseasonably warm this Thursday

Enno and Susi from the directorate walk up in spring spirit towards the subway station “Schlesisches Tor” in Berlin. Around here, it is busy around the clock as close by you can find many scene clubs and bars.

A new lab

We are visiting another kind of “Lab”. We are curious what to expect. 300 steps later we reach a cozy studio with several rooms and a set up beamer is welcoming us with a PowerPoint presentation and lots of other information on “betterplace”.

“Worldwide we reached 478.525 people and were able to successfully encourage them to support 6.679 projects”.

We are amazed by the positive spirit of those guys. With one of them we get into a conversation about the “Scouting Train”. He is telling us of a friend of his who is absolutely crazy about steam engines.

“He even had a steam engine brought in from Russia for his wedding - and if you need his contacts, he will even take your train on his own to Vladivostok”.

Another one (by the way an employee of betterplace) is telling us that he once was a scout and is giving us worthwhile hints how we best get the train going.

It’s been a long night but our impression remains:

“ScoutingTrain inspires already”. Shortly before midnight we leave the house and the outside temperature has dropped quite a bit. Even though we did not receive any money from the many representatives of various associations, we got  all kinds of new ideas and proposals what to do and how best to conduct our crowd-funding-campaign at Startnext.


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