3rd international conductors academy in gdansk, poland

For a last time the conductors got together to make the final preparations for the ScoutingTrain! Over 30 scouts came to Gdansk to work, exchange plans and ideas and get the train to roll!

Arrival in Danzig

After our arrival in Gdansk we met the other conductors from Poland, Russia, Lithuania and Germany in the youth-center right in town.

After the excitement about meeting again had passed we started to talk about our tasks for the following week. The weekend had been well-prepared by Marta, Benny (who was in Moscow at the time, preparing the city game and thus absent) and Piotr and so we started to work the very same evening. Over 30 motivated conductors shared the remaining tasks and so every wagon had time to update themselves about the current state of the project as well and get help from the executive board if need be.

The goal: to contact all travelers

▶︎ Our task: Wagon-Work or Travel-Agency?


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