Meeting in Vilnius


Our Wagon „Lights of Happiness“ had a preparation meeting from 29.05.14 to 01.06.14 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

First of all it should be said, that we had a very happy ;) and lovely weekend in a beautiful city with lots of nice activities e.g. a city game or a BBQ with a local scout group. Of course we also worked with our topic, which by the way is “happiness”, and had some interesting discussions about it.

Starting with showing each other the self-made “happy calendars” in which we wrote one thing per day that made us happy we started the meeting. After that Timas Petraitis gave us a Lecture about happiness and he also gave us some new insights in this special topic. He for example told us that cuddling fur makes humans happy and according to this people with fury pets seem to be happier than those, whose pets do not own any fur (e.g. turtles). But the most interesting thought we got  by talking about happiness was (at least for me it was) this one: “Happiness is the way, not the destination.”

Another action we did was to create an activity in Vilnius get in contact with local people and to learn something about their relation to happiness. Getting ideas for such an activity wasn't as easy as expected and finally we ended with the plan to introduce an “happy square” in Vilnius, meaning that we asked people what makes them happy and gave them chalk to write it down on the ground meanwhile making soup-bubbles and music. This event was an huge success and after less than two hours the whole place was covered with chalk paintings.

We all really enjoyed this weekend and got to know each other by spending this time together and just having fun. So from now on we're looking forward to the moment when the conductor says: “Everybody get in – the train is leaving.”

Lights of Happiness

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