Lights of Happiness – Our ideas

Everyone has heard quotes and sayings about happiness like those to the right. But what is it exactly that happiness everybody is talking about? Is it life in fairy tale? Is it carefree childhood? Or a travel through lovely countryside?

In the wagon “Lights of Happiness” we want to discuss Happiness and consider fallowing: What makes a life worth living and what does happiness mean? Is there a small and a big happiness? How do we know if we are really happy? What are the interpretations of happiness in different cultures and societies?

We will seek answers to all these questions and many more in the upcoming year - at our planning meeting, during the wagon meeting with all participants and during the travel along the Trans-Siberian Railway - with local young people.

Our search for happiness – in ourselves and societies – shall build the longest track of lights in the world. Together with many young people from all over Europe and Central Asia we are to set a shining example throughout the continent for our international idea of happiness and a peaceful coexistence.

Lights of Happiness

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