Horses in Belarus

How to find horses in Belarus?

Horses...Everywhere but not here!

....that was, what we thought. Nastya, Ruslam, Micha and Susi were driving a whole day to find horses in Belarus. Of course! We knew they were somewhere- but where exactly we had no clou...

We asked so many horsesations, but either it was crazy expensive or they just had one or two horses. After our 13th call with a women, who told us, that they had horses, but unfortunatly some of them are pregnat, we decided to make little break with our research.


After 5 hours driving in the car and 13 phone calls from Nastya, we were a little bit exhausted. But we knew, together we will make it!

When Micha and Susi went home, they got a call from Madina!

YES! There are horses! and a beautiful place for boat driving and haijking...

Kon-nection! has now the best place for the waggon meeting and we are excited what we will see!


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