Our aim is not only to overcome the barrier ‚language’ but also ‚distance’, so we have planned a horsebackriding trip and other outdoor activities, too. That’s the way we want to show that if we have the common goal, we can manage such extensive projects, even without speaking the same language. Let’s be speechless!

Our project focusses on the topic that we can have great activities without a common language. We don’t have to speak the same language to have fun together. We should plan activities together to find a common ground. We will prevent misunderstandings and create a community, a feeling of togethernes and creativity with methods of outdoor education and unique common experiences.

For us the horse is a symbol of freedom and boundlessness. We will feel the freedom and become conscious of our possibilities to travel and get in touch with foreign cultures, which has been impossible at the time of the Iron Curtain.

We also want to try to communicate without language, through common outdoor and inddor activities, theatre and sports. We will have fun, we will ride horses, we will talk – but in a different way.

Our travellers are over 16 years old, are not afraid of horses and riding, have riding experiences and experiences in outdoor activities. They also feel like experiencing non-verbal communication and alternative ways of communication.

Who likes to go on a speechless adventure, will find soon here the application with more information.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Susi, Nena, Ceci, Micha, Alevtina, Anastasia, Lisa, Ruslan, Artem


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