Kon-nection philosophy

Our Philosophy

We are all scouts who have the world in our hands.

We are responsible for our future generation and have to live as an examle to leave the world better as we got it. Only we can chance the situation, only we can make it better.

Our tasks

Especially we as scouts, have a special task: to give everyone a chance, to undertand and learn about challenges and to find solutions for problems, even their roots are much deeper in older generations.

We as scouts, have the strenght to respect other cultures, traditions and situations, even which we sometimes dont understand.

ScoutingTrain project: a chance

The project "ScoutingTrain" has the power, to bring people together, doesn`t matter which country they belong to. This international project, which will only take once in the scouts`history, can change the world. It is a chance to heal the wounds of the past. It is a chance, to give people a new chance.


Beeing Konnected means building new friendships within all scouts organization and so Konn-nection! makes a big dream possible.

What does it mean: Kon-nection


We want to work together as scouts and staying kon-nected.

Kon is russian and means: horse.

For us the horse is a symbol of freedom and boundlessness. We will feel the freedom and become conscious of our possibilities to travel and get in touch with foreign cultures, which has been impossible at the time of the Iron Curtain.





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