We entered the Transsiberian Railway

What to do in a train

More comfortable than seats but from up a body length above 1,70m shorter than necessary. There is a very old mattress and clean blankets. Those who sleep on the lower level have space to sit. But while sleeping with the feet  through the corridor it can be disturbing. In the higher level you can’t sit and it’s not that easy to climb there. 


As a part of the Board there is always some work to find. Ask Lars about that - he will tell you! There is just one plug in a wagon. For doing the registration we need to print a lot o stuff but when we also put the laptops to that plug we got out of electricity. Behalf on that there is still so much to organize for example for the Orkestar concerts in the town we stop, food for not starving and a lot of little things a travellers needs to feel good.


Different countries – different games. Where else you find the time to know about playing outside your own country?


In company the food taste even better. We have bread, cheese, chocolate, cookies, milk, juice and many more.

Organizing food for 200 people is a logistic masterstroke. Thanks to all who prevents us running out of food.

Rock the Train

It started with a few instruments. The staff of the dining wagon allowed us to play if every person will buy something to drink. But for sure they didn’t know what a big crowd we are. There was an great atmosphere and also the staff enjoyed it. 

...and more

Of course there many more nice thing to do on a trainride: read and (let) read out, let your thoughts wander to the passing landscape, lead exciting discussions and  to get to know each other and - as it turned out after intensive field research - even doing make-up.


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