To be continued…

To be continued…

More than a month has passed since our unforgettable trip. Most of us have already plunged into a routine of working days, keeping pleasant and joyful memories of that summer. But ScoutingTrain hasn’t yet arrived at the final station, and only made ​​a brief stop to "refuel" ideas and to start off in the way with new power. The final meeting in Berlin from 5 to 10 November will be ahead and, the main event will take place on November 9. Despite the fact that this project came to the finish line, the meeting in Berlin is the place, where a lot of new international project will start -, the place, where Scouts from all over Europe will be able to exchange ideas and experiences.

The preparation is in full swing, an international team of Scouts is working to complete the project worthily. Last weekend (September 27 and 28), a preparatory meeting was held, and soon the organizers will slightly open the veil of secrecy about the program.

Come and take your friends, do not miss the most exciting event of the year! We are looking forward to see everyone in Berlin!


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