The international Executive Board

The international Board of Train-Directors manages the entire project and looks after logistics, finances, fundraising und public relations.

We are the Coordinators

The Executive Board coordinates the project in general. It's work focuses on areas such as logistics, finances, fundraising and public relations. The Executive Board is responsible for planning central meetings and consults with the conductresses and conductors on their tasks. 

They schedule all central meetings and support conductoresses and conductors in their work and consists of active and former Guide and Scout leaders, passionate about Eastern Europe. They work on:

  • The overall concept of the ScoutingTrain and the story we want to tell
  • The funding through international main-sponsors (e.g EU, etc)
  • A scalable fundraising concept
  • An intercultural training through Conductor-Academies
  • And they also work as switchmen and ambassadors of the idea






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