Susi spent two years abroad, in Indian. Now she wants to discover the other side of the world. With us in the ScoutingTrain Executive Board!

After the open announcement if somebody would like to join for the trip helping organizing ScoutingTrain in the summer 2013, Susi packed her backpack very spontanous and joined Enno and Mische to a very exciting journey to the Baikallake, which ended up for her in a place in the Direktorium. She has been a scout over 15 years and is believing in Lord Baden Powell`s live motto "learning by doing".

"The world becomes very small when you try to be a friend, there are no borders anywhere. Beeing a scout is the key for solution in life and happiness.Traveling means building up friendships in the whole world. Scoutingtrain is a huge project with a lot of challenges within the team, all members and friends. But in the end, the challenge is won, because we are all scouts! Scoutingtrain is the best opportunity to make friends and to learn about yourself!"

Susi is studying Geography. She was traveling and working in India and is living now in Berlin.


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