Starting off and breaking off

First scouts camp in Moscow

We were allegedly the first scouts camp which Moscow has ever seen. In the Sokolniki park at the small camping site we were the first visitors to live in tents.

No black-tents

Due to the customs rules we couldn’t buit up a complete black-tent camp. Nevertheless, regardless of plastic tents and the fact that we were not allowed to make fire, we were spreading the flare of a small Jamboree.

Still just as every other camp this one was over very soon. To begin with, the time was really unusual for us. Considering the time difference of two hours, the day began for us at 4 a.m.  Till 7:30 (Moscow time) everything had to be taken apart and packed. That’s why some clever scouts have gone to bed earlier.

Making the whole night through

But the most could stop singing, involving conversations and newly made friends. Some were not far from making the whole night through. So the next day during the cleaning up one could see quite a few tired are happy faces. That’s where the team spirit in the wagons was almost tangible – hand in hand within a short time the camp was dismantled and cleaned up. A breakfast later rows of full packed scouts moved toward the closing event.


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