Short stay in Omsk

Bouncing into happiness

Arrival at the trainstation – we are in Asia! And you kann feel that. This town differs from Moskau or Perm. There are many people on the road and the railway station forecourt is already very busy without us.

Since we did not stay overnight this time, it is quickly turn off the luggage. That serves us a closely situated church. After a nice welcome speech by the priest, we already start. By bus to the city center for a delicious buffet to fill the empty stomachs. Thanks to a group of spontaneous scouts from Omsk we are going on a small city tour.

We pass old churches, the monument of Dostojewski, flower beds and the old city walls. There is also a gate about it is told that it will bring luck, leaping through on the right leg. It´s name is Tara gate. This gate used to be the north gate of the city and its fortress. It was built in 1792. Through these gates 23/01/1850 in Omsk fortress was deported the famous writer Fyodor Dostoevsky. In 1959 it was destroyed but in 1991 it was restored. You can go through it to the remains of the old fortress.There is a strong belief among the people from Omsk that if you hop through the gate and do not fall your wish will be fulfilled.

Continue to the next Orkestar concert. A few locals talking to us and we invite them to join us. It's nice to see that every time more people coming that be enchanted by the sweet sounds.


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