Scoutingtrain goes on

Scoutingtrain goes on

Since 3 month of the unforgettable journey we made, we are greeting again the passengers Scouting Train and also all the people who joined us here in Grunewald.

A year ago this travelling was just an idea in the air, and now here the scouts gathered who made together a long trip from Berlin to the lake Baikal. But we are here not for celebrating the end of the project.

We want all the connections, ideas that were born here will live and develop. For these 6 days we want to give a start to new international projects. Already now we can say that our project lives full life because some scouts who were not with us joined us here. ScoutingTrain was able to carry them with the idea and to inspire to new things.

It is important to thank the people who organized this meeting in Berlin. They get lots of surprises for you, and we are waiting for it!


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