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ScoutingTrain – the project

ScoutingTrain is an international project of Bund der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (BdP) e.V. (Union of Guides and Scouts), which will find its highlight in an education- and encounter journey in August 2014.

Starting from Berlin, 185 scouts from more than ten countries will travel together five thousand kilometer along the route of the Trans-Siberian Railway as far as Lake Baikal.

In eight sub-projects, the “international wagons”, the travelers work on topics like music, concepts on live opportunities, happiness, traditions, scout-alumni work, youth culture and non-verbal communication.

The ScoutingTrain empowers young people from East and West, gives them many opportunities to get to know each other before and during a unique train trip and helps them to discover different cultures and exchange traditions. The initial motivation for this complex project was the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall, the end of the Cold War, from today`s perspective we want to contribute to understanding and foster peer to peer relations between East and West.

The train will take the participants to a scout camp at the Lake Baikal.

While sharing outdoor experiences and doing ongoing project work along the track, a dialogue between the nations will also take place with the local population. They will experience the international spirit of the idea of scouting.

In the frame of different project ideas of the wagon teams the participants develop and create their individual idea concerning the past and future of Europe, and they learn what it means to cooperate in reaching an aim. Subsequently, they will share their experience in inter-cultural cooperation, the joint commitment with fundraising as well as the organization of international encounters.

On November 9th, the participants will meet again for a big closing event in Berlin, where they will experience the 25th anniversary of a Europe without Walls.

It is the aim of ScoutingTrain to carry the idea of international understanding into the public, and to campaign for an active togetherness of the civil society in the future!


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